Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Take the 'Chair you left behind' challenge and Walk to Work Week: 13-17 May 2013

Get your workplace walking this May and get closer to more than just a destination

  • Team spirit - compete with your colleagues and walk together
  • Better shape - burn calories and get fitter
  • Clearer head - blow away the cobwebs and relieve stress
  • Fatter wallet - save your bus fare and walk instead
  • Hidden treasures - make new discoveries in your area

How it works

During Walk to Work Week, you and your colleagues can:
  • see how many miles you walk, calories you burn and carbon you save with our online walking calculator
  • count all walking, whether it’s to work, at lunch or for a meeting
  • set up teams to compete with colleagues
  • achieve a walking feat - either simple individual feats or more extravagant team-feats
  • raise money for your favourite charity – perhaps your charity of the year or a local community charity project. 
 Walk to Work week webpage.

The chair you left behind

Walk yourself into better shape this May.
There are lots of daily activities we do sitting down – listening to music, eating lunch at our desks

To take our Better shape feat choose one you can do while you walk - and send us a photograph of the chair you left behind

Simply get up, stand up and do it on the move. Go for a walk during your lunch break. Hold a walking book group. Go for a walk in the park with friends (and take a flask of coffee!).
And from 1 May, you will be able to share your success by uploading a picture of your empty chair (or car seat, or bike saddle, or favourite stool at your local cafe...). Or by simply telling us about it.

Sign up to take the Chair you left behind challenge.

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