Monday, 21 December 2009

So you think you have too much stuff to carry by bike ?

Reasons for not cycling #5: I have too much stuff to carry...

When asked why they don't cycle many people reply that they have too much 'stuff' to carry.  Well their stuff may not fit in a small handlebar basket or back panniers but to see how much luggage a bicycle could carry, in August 2008, Austin on Two Wheels (USA) announced the “What’s the biggest thing you’ve carried on your bike?” contest.

They asked people to submit pictures of themselves, their bike, and the largest load that they had carried on the bike. Each week, for 6 weeks, they published a semi-finalist photo  and then asked people to vote on the best overall photo.

"Utility bicycles can be used to carry almost anything – groceries (beer!), items for work, furniture, cars, you name it!"

This photo of a "retro" couch on a Bakfiets cargo bike was one of the semi-finalists.

Need a bicycle for going shopping, taking the kids to school, going to work, carrying groceries, or for hauling tools, pets or even sport equipment. Then you may want to check out the Mundo Utility Bike. Watch the video on YouTube of the Mundo comfortably delivering a 140lb load.

Next time you hear someone saying they have too much stuff to carry by bike maybe you can suggest they think a little bigger !

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