Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Cycling Mayor for Manchester ?

Biking to Work with Seattle’s Mayor Mike McGinn is an interesting short video brought to you by the New York-based transport advocates, Streetfilms.

According to the video blurb:

"When Seattleites elected a new mayor at the end of 2009, they really went for a breath of fresh air. In the general election, Mayor Mike McGinn, who rides a bike to work daily, was outspent nearly four to one. The race was very close, but with an energetic volunteer base -- and a campaign that emphasized many livable streets issues -- he pulled out the victory."

So here's a challenge for the various campaign groups working on "liveable streets" issues in Greater Manchester - can we co-operate and organise well enough to have an impact on the Council leaders and mayors in our local elections?

Interested?  Then post your comments here.

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