Monday, 8 March 2010

Sharing the road....bus and bike survey

The Love Your Bike campaign are asking people in Greater Manchester to spend 5 minutes to complete an online survey about their  experiences of sharing the roads with buses whilst cycling in Greater Manchester.

The introduction to the LYB survey says that "comments we have received from cyclists and non-cyclists alike indicate a perception that buses make the roads more dangerous for cycling. We are concerned about the risks to the cycling community, and the potential for others to be put off cycling at all because they perceive the roads to be too dangerous because of the behaviour of other road users."

The survey has been designed to get a sense of what type of behaviour is the most problematic and how serious this issue is for cyclists. Alongside the survey, the Love Your Bike campaigners are talking to bus drivers to learn about their perceptions of cyclists as they argue that the cycling community could often do better too.  Love Your Bike wants the survey to be the start of a dialogue with bus companies and local transport authorities to make the roads safer for cyclists, to make cycling in Greater Manchester a more attractive prospect, and ultimately to get more people cycling more often.

The survey can be found here.  Please do take that 5 minutes to fill it in. The closing date is 19th March. Results to be announced by the end of May.

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