Friday, 20 December 2013

Manchester cycling safety advice - file under Crime, antisocial behaviour and nuisance !

The Cycling Safety advice on the MCC website  contains fairly standard road safety-esque cycling safety advice.

What is a tad disheartening (although arguably also a fairly standard road safety-esque view of cycling) is the category under which the information is held. 

It would appear that Manchester City Council chooses to place "cycling safety" issues under the heading "Crime, antisocial behaviour & nuisance" !  Is this truly how Manchester City Council view cycling?

Could this be the view of the same Manchester City Council which proudly announced in June 2012 that it wanted to become Britain's No1 city for cycling by 2017.

The webpage does have a Was this information helpful? section (see bottom of the page) perhaps people would like to take the opportunity to leave appropriate (polite!) responses.

Happy Solstice !

Update: January 2014. 

Following a little prodding via Twitter and email the Manchester City Council webmeisters have shifted the webpage to the slightly more appropriate heading(s) below.....