Thursday, 9 June 2011

DIY publicity : 'This one runs on fat & saves you money'

Love Your Bike's Fast Lane / Fat Lane poster

Bike Week will soon be upon us (18th - 26th June) and if you are looking for striking images to promote the benefits of cycling then Love Your Bike's Fast Lane / Fat Lane advert is a great example. Created in 2006, the strapline of 'Burn calories, save cash, get there on time" provides a short, pithy summary of some of the (many) benefits of choosing to cycle instead of driving. But, using the poster on bus and billboard advertising spaces does not come cheap.

So if your budget doesn't stretch to billboard size proportions, this example of stencil art / street graffiti may fit the bill.

Photographed by Carlton Reid in Adelaide, Australia and designed by Peter Drew, the photo image has been picked up by many blogs and websites around the world including the Fat Cycle Rider who is 31 years old and weighing in at 21 stone bought a bicycle and hopes that cycling will be the "start of the rest of his life!"

Am sure that all lovely local craft shops have all the bits n pieces needed to make a simple stencil ....


  1. Hi,

    We're putting together a cycling strategy for our area and we've used one of the pictures from this page in it - - hope that's OK, let us know if it's not.


    1. Hi Andy

      Fine to use the image but please credit Love Your Bike. who created the image in 2006.